¿Cómo utilizar la máquina de corte CNC?


I believe everyone has heard and understood about CNC cutting machines. Using CNC cutting machines can help us cut things faster and with great results, these machines offer great accuracy and precision while saving time and effort for the user. In this article, we will discuss the steps of using a CNC cutting machine.

1. Feeding:

Before using the CNC cutting machine, we need to place an iron plate to be cut on the material rack. It should be noted that the material rack plate needs to be, particularly level, and the height cannot be different. The iron plate placed on it must also be parallel. You can find the parallel according to the track of our CNC cutting machine.

2. checking:

Before work, we need to check the use of the CNC cutting machine to see if there is any problem. After confirming that there is no problem, it can be turned on to avoid accidents. Then check the walking track to confirm that there are no obstacles before it can be turned on and used normally.

3. Choose a cutting method:

We have to look at the thickness of the cut iron plate to decide which cutting method to use, and we need to switch it on the equipment after choosing it.

Once calibration is complete, it’s time to set up cutting parameters such as speed, depth, and feed rate.

4. CNC system:

Open the CNC system, select graphics management, find the graphics we need to cut, then set the size to be cut, and confirm.

5. Drawing software:

If the graphics we need to cut are not available in the system, we need to use drawing software to draw, and then use nesting software to nest.

6. Nesting software:

When nesting, we can adjust the order of cutting. The function specified above is to set the size according to your workpiece, and it can be saved after the graphics are arranged. After saving, put it into the U disk, and insert the U disk into the CNC system to read it. When everything is ready, press the start button on the CNC cutting machine, that is, the START button to start cutting.

7. Precautions for the procedure after cutting :

After the cutting process is complete, remove any clamps or vices holding your material in place, and then clean your work surface of any debris left over from the cutting process. You can then inspect the end product to ensure it meets your quality standards.

In conclusion, using a CNC cutting machine is a simple process that yields incredible results. By following the above steps, you can ensure that your output will be precise and accurate while saving time and effort. Whether you’re cutting wood, metal, or other materials, using a CNC cutting machine can greatly improve your productivity and efficiency.