Einführung in die Eigenschaften von Faserlaserschneidmaschinen


Laser cutting machines are now widely used in automobiles, machinery, electricity, hardware, electrical appliances and other fields. It has the characteristics of fast speed, narrow kerf, small heat-affected zone, good verticality of cutting edge, and smooth cutting edge. Today I will give you a popular science about its technical characteristics.

Fiber laser cutting machine processing principle:

The basic structure of a fiber laser cutting machine consists of a laser source (usually a fiber-optic laser), a beam delivery system, a cutting head with lenses and focusing nozzles, and a computer numerical control (CNC) system for programming the machine’s movements.

Technical characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine:

Fiber laser cutting machines have transformed the metal fabrication industry with their precision, efficiency, and versatility. Using high-energy laser beams to cut through various materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium, these machines offer a superior cutting quality that is unmatched by conventional methods.

One of the key advantages of fiber laser cutting machines is their speed. With the ability to cut through thick materials at an incredible pace, these machines offer unparalleled productivity for metal fabricators. They can cut through up to 25mm steel in less than 10 seconds, making them ideal for large-scale production runs.

Fast cutting speed:

Due to the small heat-affected zone and minimal deformation of the workpiece during laser cutting, it does not need to be clamped and fixed, which can save both clamping fixtures and auxiliary time such as clamping.

There are many types of cutting materials:

There are many types of cutting materials on the market. The most advanced material-cutting technology is the laser cutting machine. These machines are used to cut a variety of materials such as metal, rubber, wood, and plastic. Some of these machines include CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, and more.

Fiber laser cutting machine used fiber optic technology to amplify the energy of the laser beam, enabling it to cut thick metal sheets. Laser cutters have revolutionized the way we cut materials.

Additionally, fiber laser machines offer high-precision cuts with minimal distortion. This level of precision enables fabricators to produce intricate design elements and highly detailed parts that would be otherwise impossible. The result is a finished product that looks professional and is of the highest quality.

Fiber laser cutting machines are also very versatile:

The use of fiber laser cutting machines has revolutionized the metal fabrication industry. With unrivaled speed, precision and versatility, they provide a cost-effective solution for companies looking to improve their production processes. Their ability to manufacture high-quality parts with complex designs makes them ideal for those in the metalworking industry who want to stay ahead of the competition.