How To Use A Laser Cutting Machine?


Laser processing equipment is increasingly used in the sheet metal processing industry due to its advantages such as high speed, high precision, low loss, and high flexibility. Laser processing includes laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, etc. As relatively precise and expensive equipment, high-power laser cutting machines should have matching high-end controls.

A laser cutting machine is a powerful tool for metal cutting. To fully utilize its working efficiency, you need to master its operating steps. Today, let’s learn together how to use a laser cutting machine.

What to do before operating A Laser Cutting Machine?

1. Choose a suitable location

Ensure the work area has enough space to accommodate the laser cutting machine and surrounding equipment. Keep away from flammable items and hazardous areas.

2. Check the power supply

Ensure the power supply provided to the laser cutting machine meets its requirements and conducts corresponding wiring and grounding.

3. Install a water cooling system

Laser cutting machines are usually connected to a water cooling system. This can dissipate heat, ensure clean water quality, and connect the inlet and outlet pipes.

4. Install a gas system

Laser cutting machines usually need to be connected to a gas supply system, such as compressed air or nitrogen. This can ensure a stable supply of gas.

5. Install an exhaust system

If the laser cutting machine produces exhaust gas or dust, corresponding exhaust systems and filtering equipment need to be installed to keep the working environment clean.

6. Install the optical system

Install the laser and optical system according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, ensuring that each component is correctly aligned.

7. Connect the control system

Connect the laser cutting machine to the control system, computer, or other operating equipment to ensure normal signal transmission.

8. Debugging the machine

According to the laser cutting machine’s user manual, perform relevant debugging and testing to ensure the machine works properly.

9. Operation training

Provide relevant laser cutting machine operation training to operators. This includes safety precautions, operating procedures, etc.

10. Care and maintenance

Regularly maintain the laser cutting machine. Clean the optical system, replace consumables, etc. Regular maintenance can ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

How To Use A Laser Cutting Machine- Follow The Steps

When operating a laser cutting machine, be sure to follow relevant safety regulations and operate under professional guidance or supervision.

Step 1: Safety first

Before you start using your laser cutter, make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses and gloves.

Step 2: Prepare materials

Choose the material you want to cut and make sure it is suitable for laser cutting. If necessary, remove any protective layer or coating on the material.

Step 3: Set up the machine

Turn on the laser cutter and make sure it is properly calibrated and aligned. Make sure the ventilation system is functioning properly to eliminate fumes generated during the process.

Place the cut material on the cutting table of the machine. Then operate the console computer screen and enter parameters such as product material thickness. and import it into the machine.

Step 4: Design and prepare files

Create or import the design file you want to cut. Make sure the file is compatible with your laser cutter’s software. Set appropriate parameters such as cutting speed, power, and depth of focus to obtain the desired results.

Step 5: Loading materials

Place the material firmly on the cutting table or platform, making sure it is flat and stable. Adjust the position and alignment of the material as needed to ensure it stays within the cutting area.

Step 6: Test the setup

It’s a good idea to test on a sample or scrap material before cutting the actual design. This allows you to fine-tune your settings and ensure you get the results you want.

Step 7: Begin the cutting process

Once you are satisfied with the test results, press the corresponding button on the laser cutting machine interface to start the cutting process. Make sure to closely monitor the machine and follow all safety guidelines while it is in operation.

Step 8: Take out the finished product

Once the cutting process is complete, carefully remove the cut or engraved workpiece from the machine. Please be careful as the material may still be hot after processing.

Step 9:Shut down the machine

After using the laser cutting machine, you need to shut down the machine to reduce fiber laser failure and increase the service life of the machine. The specific operations are as follows:

  • Stop cutting and make sure the cutting process is complete and the laser is no longer active.
  • Clean the cutting area and remove any debris or remaining material from the cutting bed.
  • Turn off the power of the machine and find the power switch or control panel of the laser cutting machine.
  • To clean the lens, use the recommended cleaning solution and a soft, lint-free cloth to gently clean the lens.
  • Inspect maintenance machines and conduct a visual inspection for any signs of wear or damage.


  • If you are a novice operating it, you must read all relevant instructions or get professional training before taking up the job. Do not use or operate it randomly.
  • During the cutting process, staff must be present. If there is an emergency that requires a quick response, the staff must quickly press the brake button.
  • After completing the cutting work, pay attention to checking the cutting accuracy and quality of the product.
  • When operating a laser cutting machine, in addition to strictly following the operating procedures, personal protection should also be taken. For example, when near the laser beam, you must wear protective glasses that meet the requirements to avoid unnecessary risks.

Some common problems When operating

1. No response when turning on the computer

  • Is the power fuse burned out? Replace the fuse.
  • Is the power input normal? Check the power input and make it normal.
  • Is the main power switch damaged? Replace the main power switch.

2. No laser output or the laser is very weak

  • Verify laser settings: Double-check the laser settings in the machine software. Make sure the power output and frequency settings are appropriate for the material you are cutting.
  • Clean the lens and nozzle: Dirt on the lens or nozzle may affect beam quality. Clean them using a soft cloth or lens cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure not to scratch or damage the lens during this process.
  • Check the auxiliary gas pressure: Check the auxiliary gas pressure, usually air or nitrogen, depending on the machine. Low air pressure can affect laser performance. Adjust air pressure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Check optics alignment: Misaligned optics can cause weak laser output. Check the alignment of the laser beam delivery system.
  • Check the cooling system: Make sure the cooling system is operating properly. Overheating can cause laser output to decrease. If necessary, clean or replace any filters or coolant.


How to use a laser cutting machine? The above are specific guidelines for operation. When officially operating the laser cutting machine, strictly follow the instructions. And do a good job of protection to ensure personal safety.