How Does Laser Cutting Work?


How does laser cutting work? It is a query that everybody wants to get familiar with when modifying an object into different shapes. Sometimes, ordinary or highly efficient drill machines fail to accomplish this objective. Therefore, one needs a more précised and highly accurate machine that could help them. The technique of cutting material involves the laser beam. Read the blog completely to learn more in detail and magnify your knowledge.

How does laser cutting work- An intro

As the name suggests laser, the technique here consists of a laser beam. With the help of a laser beam, you can trim or even cut any material or object you want in no time. Being a part of the metal industry, you would agree on how crucial it is to cut metals in different sizes and shapes. So, to accelerate the processing time and to produce high-quality products, a laser technique helps a lot. However, you can further use this process to cut metals, stones, and other materials. Hence, the method has eased so many complexities involved in the process.

Initially, people faced difficulties getting the exact shape or even size for producing an object. They struggled a lot and often failed many products due to inaccuracy issues. What is laser cutting and how does it work? Their queries like these would get solved. They can now produce the shapes and dimensions of materials according to their specific needs.

The laser machine follows a design you have already inserted into the computer. Then, it cuts the object or material according to that specific design. Afterwards, the laser would direct at that object and melts the material according to the particular dimensions. Don’t worry if you find any traces of materials left out, as it blows a gas to wipe them off. The laser has a stronger beam and delivers high output than a high-powered drill machine.

You could always customize the laser cutter features. For example, you can vary the strength of the laser, its intensity, beam type, heat produced by a laser, etc. Now, let’s jump to the working principle of the laser cutting technique.

The process of laser cutting

how does a laser cutter work

You will undoubtedly doubt its process if you are new to laser cutting. To clear the doubts, you shall read the process of how does a laser cutter work? The laser cutting machine belongs to computer-controlled machines. That means that a computer system controls the motion and actions of the laser cutter. Then, set up a proper workstation whenever you want to use this technique.

1. Power setting of the laser cutter

The laser cutter comes with different power settings for it to operate on. Similarly, for every power, you have a specific thickness that you can use for the machine. So. Adjust its powers setting corresponding to its thickness according to the object and design you want. If you adjust the power between 2 to 3 kilowatts, you would have an average thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 millimetres.

2. Following the CAD drawing

The next step of how does a laser cutter work? It is to follow the CAD drawing. You shall insert a CAD drawing designed that you want the laser cutter to follow up. CAD is software that allows you to design any structure or object. Once you set that drawing, command your laser machine to trace the pattern. The laser machine would precisely follow the same drawing and provide you with the exact shape or size of the material.

3. Place the targeted material on the workstation

This particular step of how does laser cutting work? It involves the proper insertion of material on the workstation. You should place the material in a straight position, not angled.

4. The working of the laser cutter

The laser cutter now releases light through the resonators it has. The emitted light of the beam is a single beam. Here, you can determine that the machine’s working principle involves gases. Once the beam falls on the targeted material, it would smoothly carve out the specific design out of it.

5. Remove the material

Once you are done with achieving the target material, you can take out the material. You are done with the process.

Advantages of using a laser cutter

what is laser cutting and how does it work

Below are some advantages of using laser cutter.

  • Fast cutting

The process followed by the laser cutting machine is a fast one. You can easily cut any material in desired shape or size within seconds or minutes.

  • Efficient

This process surely enhances your work productivity. Hence, you can greatly improve your business productivity through this technique. The major work to operate the machine depends on the computer systems. You only have to change the specification through the computer program, and the result you can get through the machine.

  • Multiple usages

It can help you in a variety of industrial sectors.

  • Precised

How does a laser cutter work? It comes with cutting techniques that provide you with highly precised results. That means you can get what you want the material to have shape or size.

  • Affordable

Compared to the other methods of fabrication, laser cutting is the best technique. The only cost is to buy the machine, and you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

  • Cuts a variety of materials

In addition to the customization of metals, the machine also transform other materials.

Disadvantages of laser cutting machine

how does laser cutting work

Compared to the advantages, the laser cutter has limited disadvantages. How does laser cutting work? It has a simple process, and the laser cutter has a specific power range. The major drawback is you get a limited option regarding the thickness of the material. Therefore, along with the limited power rating, it offers you a limited thickness range.
After using the cutter, you would feel it could cut only a small to medium thickness range for different objects. However, if you place a thicker material, it won’t provide efficient trimming. Rather, it reduces speed as it tries to put more effort into the denser object.


Whenever you decide to buy or not a laser cutter, consider its advantages and drawbacks. You should always perform a thorough analysis and deeply inspect the working principle of the laser cutter. After learning how does laser cutting work? You would have a clear picture of it. Then, only you could take a better decision regarding this machine.