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Protective Lens Of Handheld Laser Welding Machine: Problems And Solutions

protective lens of handheld laser welding machine

Introduction: The use of handheld laser welding machines has become widespread currently. It is popular among users because of its simple operation, portability, and fast welding speed. When using a handheld laser welding machine, some problems may arise. This article will explain how to determine whether the welding gun lens is damaged and how to…

What Is Laser Welding Used For?

what is laser welding used for

Introduction: Laser welding is an advanced high-energy beam welding technology. It has high heat source energy density, fast welding speed, and small welding deformation. The welding process is easy to achieve integration, automation, and flexibility. Laser welding machines are widely used in industrial processing and gradually replace traditional welding methods. So, what is laser welding…

What Type Of Welder Is Used For Permanent Jewelry?

what type of welder is used for permanent jewelry

Introduction: Welding in jewelry making is an indispensable technique. It allows artisans to create intricate and enduring jewelry pieces. The right welder is pivotal in ensuring precise and lasting connections. The joints between diverse jewelry components should remain intact. If you are wondering what type of welder is used for permanent jewelry, we will delve…

What Materials Can Be Laser Cut?

what materials can be laser cut

Introduction: Laser cutting is so popular largely because of its versatility. The fiber laser cutting machine is the main cutting machine used for cutting technology on the market. It is widely used due to its wide cutting range, fast cutting speed, good cutting effect, and maintenance-free. Especially in the cutting of sheet metal materials, fiber…

5 Main Fiber Laser Cutting Applications

fiber laser cutting applications

Introduction: Metal laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular these days. Laser cutting machines have significant advantages of high precision, energy saving, and automation. So, what can you do with a laser cutting machine? What are the main fiber laser cutting applications? 5 Main Fiber Laser Cutting Applications Fiber laser cutting machines have…

How To Use A Laser Cutting Machine?

how to use a laser cutting machine

Introduction: Laser processing equipment is increasingly used in the sheet metal processing industry due to its advantages such as high speed, high precision, low loss, and high flexibility. Laser processing includes laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking, etc. As relatively precise and expensive equipment, high-power laser cutting machines should have matching high-end controls. A laser…

How To Use A Laser Welder?

how to use a laser welder

Introduction: Laser technology has high efficiency, high precision, and wide application. It has gradually replaced traditional processing technology and has become an ideal choice for the manufacturing industry. Among them, laser welding is currently the fastest-growing process. This trend is likely to further accelerate the iteration, especially with the popularity of handheld laser welding machines….

How Much Does A Laser Cleaning Machine Cost?

how much does a laser cleaning machine cost

Introduction: Research on laser cleaning technology started in the mid-1980s. It was not until the early 1990s that it truly entered industrial production. It has achieved good results in mold cleaning, material surface treatment, paint and rust removal of large equipment precision machinery, etc. The core of the development of laser cleaning is the replacement…

Fiber Laser VS CO2 Laser, What Is The Difference?

fiber laser vs co2

Introduction: At present, all industries are inseparable from lasers. Fiber lasers and CO2 lasers are two distinct types of lasers. They have different characteristics and applications. Fiber laser VS CO2 laser, what is the difference? This article will give you the answer. What is a CO2 laser cutting machine? A CO2 cutter is a common…

Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine VS Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine

pulse laser cleaning machine vs continuous laser cleaning machine

Introduction: There are many industries and fields for laser cleaning applications. According to the classification of lasers, laser cleaning can be divided into pulse and continuous laser cleaning. Different laser cleaning methods have their advantages. Pulse VS continuous laser cleaning machine, what is the difference? This article will give you the answer. Continuous Laser Cleaning…